Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We're still stuck

My totally stupid "mechanical failure" of the weekend?

Battery is totally fried, needs to be replaced.

Died on Saturday, when we got home from the grocery story. Discovered on Sunday, when we were going to go to the park. Monday evening, friends came over to try to jump-start, but couldn't locate jumper cables. (Turns out they're in Eric's Volkswagen - in MISSOURI!!!!) Eric got home yesterday morning, borrowed some cables and tried to jump it this morning, but got nothing. On his way home from work he's going to get a new battery.

This means that I've been at home, with the boys, since Saturday afternoon. Between the weather (alternating between it raining out of nowhere and 100+ degree heat index), plus the fact that there really isn't anywhere close enough to walk (the library and park on a nice day, but not in this weather), and the mosquito problem which makes it miserable to be outside and makes it impossible to take walks along the canal by our house (and the fact that our lawn needs cut and we have a giant fire ant mound in it), we're going a little crazy. I also have overdue library books. :(

The van has to be fixed by this weekend, since we're going to Houston. Eric has a reading, Roz is coming, and it's just good to get out of The Valley sometimes.

Oh, and Karrie, as I've been unable to get to the post office, your package is going in the mail this afternoon, after Eric's class.

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karrie said...

No worries. The kimchi and a Post-it with your address are still in my car. I'll try and send today or tomorrow.