Sunday, October 15, 2006

I miss about Missouri

What (not who) I miss:

The Korean restaurant in Knob Noster, 'cause gods do I want me some kimchi right now. My mouth is watering like Pavlov's dogs just thinking about it. No Korean food in the Valley.

Korma Sutra. Yes it was an hour's drive, but so worth it. The Indian restaurant here (only one in the Valley) is mediocre at best.

Fall weather, because while I like warm weather and stuff, it's 80 degrees, right now, at almost 10 at night, and starting to feel kind of ridiculous.

Fall foliage, because palm trees don't turn orange and red and pretty. They just stay looking like palm trees.

Ummmm, I'm thinking really hard here to see if there's anything else I miss about Missouri ... still thinking ...

Yeah, without listing people I miss (which would be a shorter list than some might imagine, and is therefore why I won't list it), that's about it. Mostly, though, it's the kimchi.


karrie said...

Knob Noster?? Bwahahaha. My inner Beavis thinks this is hilarious.

I'll send some fall with your reading materials. :)

Amanda. said...

You're going to miss seeing me :(

I so hear you... not on the missing MO but on missing home. I've been SC for 7 years and I'm still not used to it.

Judy said...

Karrie - yes, I'm from a town called Knob Noster. It means "Our Hill" or something like that. Town of 2,200 people. My dad's first name was Bill, so that made him officially a Hill-Bill-y.

Well, Amanda, if you ever have a conference in South Texas, come have a margarita or 30.

Abby said...

Ah Judy.....more about MO to miss. But now *I* want some Korma Sutra....GOOD food.

Beer anyone? Boulevard Brewing and 75th Street make some YUMMY beers. Micro brews, hard to find elsewhere I think???

The Plaza. Though most bigger cities have something comparable I think.

BBQ? Texas does have some kick ass BBQ though. Different flavor, but still yummy.

And if you trek over to St. Louis even more to love.....

Abby said...

I meant that those particular beers are hard to find in bottles in other states. Not that Micro Brews are hard to find. Micro Brews rock.....

alimum said...

Can't help on the kimchi front. However, Indian food is easy.

For curry, we use the Patak's pastes. And by "we" I mean my entire Indian family. I have found I actually like it better than the curry paste from scratch. It looks like you can order it online too.

If you want, I'll email you my mom's pulao recipe

karrie said...

I bought you a small jar of kimchi yesterday. I *think* it is ok not to be in the fridge since it's already pickled, but they always keep it cold in stores.

I'm going to wrap it in an assload of bubble-wrap so it will arrive intact and not overpower the state of Texas with its smell.

Judy said...

Karrie - KIMCHI! I think you're a goddess. My new hero! I'm in love! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Alimum - I would love the recipe, and thanks for the link. I've made a few Indian meals before, but right now with the 2 little ones, I don't have much time to try anything new - I'm lucky to throw together some beans and rice some days!

Abby - I can't drink beer. Or wine coolers or champagne for that matter. Any sort of carbonated alcohol makes me ill. Even a small amount - a sip or two - and I get knots in my stomach. It makes me sad, because I love champagne. :(

Abby said...

Can't drink beer?!?! I do not knwo if we can continue to be friends.....LOL!