Sunday, October 22, 2006

Beach bums

Ah, yes, it is a little chilly here today (chilly of course being a relative, subjective term. 64 degrees when I was in Alaska was often a rather warm day). But yesterday, Turner turned 6 months old, and we spent the day at the beach. After thinking about it, I realized it wasn't really worth going to Houston with Eric, spending 18 or so hours in the van with the boys over a 3 day period, and then spending half the weekend in the hotel room. So he's on his way to Houston, and I'm home with the boys (again).

But yesterday the beach was a blast, as always. My new goal in life is a beach house. Or a beach trailer. Or a beach cardboard box. I don't care.


karrie said...

Oh I am totally envious!

Maybe I'll bundle up, take a thermos of coffee and drive to a nearby beach one morning this week.

Amanda. said...


thordora said...

I'm having trouble mustering up much sympathy for the weather. :P

alimum said...

at least you don't have rain