Friday, May 30, 2008

"Retrospective Courage"

Eric was quoted today in the Baltimore Sun, speaking about Scott McClellan's new book. (They still have him listed as teaching at CMSU, which isn't even CMSU anymore, but whatever. Should be the University of Texas, Pan-American.) My new favorite Eric quote is where he says Scott McClellan will be "remembered as having, let's say, retrospective courage."

Well said, my dear.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Homemade Yum!

Along with the gardening, we're trying to do other things as we can to cut down on our environmental impact, along with saving money and in many cases being healthier. The kids are picking up on this message of "let's do it ourselves." So when Guthrie asked us at Lowe's the other day if we could get the ice cream maker "and then we will never have to go to the ice cream shop to get ice cream again," well, we couldn't say no.

Today he told us he wanted ice cream sandwiches. Okay, easy enough - we'd made ice cream already and had some in the deep freeze, and then made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Slap some vanilla ice cream between two cookies, and there you go - ice cream sandwiches.
And then there's Turner, who wouldn't eat it like a sandwich. He had to have a spoon, and once he was done with the ice cream, he ate his cookies with the spoon too.

Okay, so not exactly a "green" food choice, and not really healthy, but we did it ourselves, and was it YUM!!!