Sunday, October 08, 2006

Those Un-Socialized, Miseducated Homeschooled Freaks

I'll have lots more to say about the whole homeschooling issue when I have a chance, but here's an article talking about how many colleges are actively recruiting homeschoolers. And I'm sure that's because they don't have adequate social skills and are getting an inferior education. @@

Yes, I'm planning to homeschool my two little boys. My husband, the college English professor, is just as enthusiastic about this as I am. We have researched it. We already know what our plan is, and have since before Guthrie was born. We feel confident that we can do it. I'm not worried about "not having a life" or my boys not having friends. My only concern, honestly, is finding other homeschoolers in this area who are not doing so for religious reasons.


karrie said...

Hmmm...look for some Quakers, maybe? There was an interesting feature in a local paper here about homeschooled kids and the various activities they participated in--quite a lot in this area.

Abby said...

Too bad you had to go and move Judy. I am homeschooling and while using a Chiristain program am not doing so for religious reasons. I happen ot be religious but that has NOTHING to do with my reasons for homeschooling.