Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow? Ice? COLD?

Look over there ------------------------>
at the little Weather Pixie. (Okay, you have to scroll down too) See what she's wearing? See the temperature?

Uh-huh. It's cold here. Yes, I said that - COLD! Right now, as I type, it's 35F.

Now, I know to those of you stuck back in Missouri, who are dealing with single digits and negative wind chills, it's not that cold. But here - it was 80F yesterday. We were at the park in shorts and sandals. It NEVER snows here (I don't think it's going to, but there is a chance of sleet or flurries), and people are seriously bundled up in parkas, gloves, and all-out winter gear.

We even had to turn our heat on! (Which sucks, because the heater makes everything dry and feel nasty, and we don't have a humidifier anymore)

I'm not complaining. My tree is still blooming in the front yard, our banana tree has gotten huge (no fruit yet). I am a little concerned about the orange trees, though. And that people were looking at US like we wre crazy because we didn't have coats and hats on the babies at the bookstore.

So, feel for us people. I'm wearing sweats instead of capris! The palm trees need jackets! It's COLD!

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