Friday, January 12, 2007

6 Weird Things

I've been tagged by Alimum for this meme. 6 Weird Things about me (That I feel comfortable posting for the whole world to see)

And I don't think I "know" six more bloggers to tag. :( I'll try though.

So ...

1. I have a strange ability to name the year a piece of popular music came out. This only seems to be applicable to the last 30ish years, but it's very good. Eric will sometimes even play me music I've never heard, by some obscure band only he and one some guy in Vancouver listen to, and I'll look at him and go, "1982," at which point he'll check the date on the record, and sure enough, I'm right. Sometimes, all I have to do is look at the album art, and I can guess it that way.

2. I take a ridiculous pleasure in some of the most mundane tasks, which other people despise. Filling out forms, for example, or taking surveys. At the doctor's office, I actually look forward to the part where you get there early so you can update all of your patient information forms. I'll take surveys all day, just for fun, and will fill out every one I get in the mail, even if I don't send it in. If it has bubbles and needs a Number Two Pencil, even better.

3. I can remember useless numbers forever, and will never forget a birthdate once I've learned it. I can tell you my best friend's phone number from 6th grade. (Last 4 digits, 5876). The birthdate of every ex-boyfriend I've ever had (whose birthdate I knew). Every family member's birthdate. Even my husband's ex-wives' birthdays. And, more uselessly, (unless I'm ever on Debt, the game show), the birthday of every member of the New Kids On The Block.

4. I feel much more comfortable when I am wearing a bra. So much so that I often sleep in one.

5. I love tomatoes. I mean, I really love tomatoes. Salsa is probably my favorite food. A treat is one of those little containers of grape tomatoes. When my husband wants to do something sweet for me, he'll slice a tomato, drizzle a little olive oil, and sprinkle with salt, pepper, maybe some garlic or other spice. I'd take a big bowl of tomatoes over most candy, most of the time. But I despise ketchup.

6. In elementary school, for a program, we learned a song where we sang the 50 states in alphabetical order. I can still do it.

Okay, so I'm not that weird.

And I'm tagging ... Abby, April, and, uh, those might be the only untagged bloggers I know. :(


alimum said...

I usually don't like memes, but I actually like this one a lot because it is making me realize how many of these quirks are more common than we think. I also remember birthdays and phone numbers (in my case, it's the original members of Duran Duran and while I remember the phone numbers, I can't remember who they belonged to) and I feel more comfortable in a bra. While I am not a fan of the bubbles and #2 pencils, I have been known to take LSAT practice tests for fun (though I have no desire to take the LSAT for real EVER).

I like that you mention that these are the weird things you feel cofortable broadcasting, implying you have these dark Loch Ness Monster type quirks you wouldn't dare reveal.

Thanks for humoring me and doing this.

Judy said...

It was fun. I just haven't had time this week to think of things that were okay to share with the entire world.

My other quirks aren't that bad, just not things I necessarily want my mother to read!