Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doctors, doctors everywhere

Turner had his 9 month check-up today. (It was supposed to be last Tuesday, but our van wasn't running, so we had to cancel. The van runs again.)

The stats:

21 lbs., 12 oz., 29 inches long

Compared to his brother (why do we feel compelled to do this?): 2 ounces lighter, 2 inches shorter.

And perfect.

I did manage to shock the heck out of the ped, when she asked how long I planned to breastfeed. I responded with, "I nursed his brother until he was 2 1/2." She asked if that "got painful" especially when they have tantrums. ? Why would it be painful? And it's an amazing HELP with tantrums, and calms kids down. It would be SO nice if peds would actually be more informed about breastfeeding. Really, really, really nice.

I did have the confidence to just answer, straight up, without any hesitation. Very proud of myself for that - it took me awhile to overcome it. Now, though, I'm completely open and honest and will answer any questions. A few weeks ago we (me and two other mothers) were discussing breastfeeding, and I told them how long I nursed Guthrie, and about tandem nursing. One of the moms had a lot of questions, but I think it opened her eyes a lot. I don't look like the stereotypical crunchy granola earth mama, and so I think it makes people actually think about their preconceived notions of things.

In other, equally important news, Eric had a physical this morning, too. The first one he's ever had, at the age fo 45. And the news? He's healthy as a horse. (Um, not Barbaro) Blood pressure was 103/60 (!), everything else was great. He won't get the numbers back on the blood tests for another week, but he said the doctor was amazed at how healthy he is (no allergies, no chronic conditions). Especially since he smokes too much, has a drink (or two ... or ten) almost every night, and drinks coffee like water. The doc does want him to come back for a lung x-ray, which I want him to do too, but Eric still says he's going to quit smoking ... soon... and wants to wait until then for the x-ray. If he hasn't done it by his birthday, then I'm going to start nagging. : )

And, I have an appointment in two weeks, for a general physical and to discuss treatment for my ridiculous PMS. I may have to give up the IUD and go back on the pill (which I don't want to do because it's almost guaranteed to cut my milk supply, and force Turner into an early weaning). We'll see.

Ah, having health insurance - finally - is a great thing.

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