Friday, December 01, 2006

These are the moments ...

Yesterday, I had one of those moments when I just knew what it was all about, what I was doing this all for.

The boys were playing (!) together (!) in their bedroom (!) in their little playhut school bus. I was on the floor next to them, watching. Suddenly, Guthrie just reached over, grabbed Turner and held him close, and said "I love you." Oh, yeah, it definitely did bring tears to my eyes. Eric walked in right after, and I was a bumbling mess.

I have to remember that moment when Guthrie is trying to drag Turner around and away from his toys. Or screaming at us because he doesn't want to go to bed.

In other, completely unrelated news, dishwasher cleaner rocks! We have the cleanest, sparklingest dishwasher ever right now. We also have a sink full of dirty dishes which I'm not going to bother with until tomorrow, but you should see our dishwasher! Totally worth the $5 (or however much it cost) for that stuff. And I think it finally got rid of the fish oil smell too!

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