Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey Day

Our little Thanksgiving getaway was great.

Living nowhere near family, and not close enough to drive, we're working on starting our own new traditions. We're planning on trying to do a Thanksgiving at the beach every year. This year we were kind of poor, so instead of going to one of the restaurants serving a full Turkey Day buffet - I just couldn't see paying $60 or more to eat a bunch of food we don't really like that well anyway - this is what our feast looked like:

Notice the biggest part of the meal seems to be the apple pie! We had turkey and ham (lunch meat), whole grain (store bought) bread, two kinds of (pre-sliced) cheese, chicken strips, Cheetos, a bag of fruit, and that weird thing on the left is a potato wedge. Oh, yeah, and some beer and wine!

(Forgive the Wal-Mart. Not many options on South Padre, and we needed non-grocery things too, that could only be found at Evil Central)

I have to admit, I enjoyed this much, much more than a traditional turkey, ham, veggies-covered-with-fat and fruit-covered-with-sugar family dinner. And there was NO STRESS!!! Slap some meat, cheese and mayo (and mustard for Max), between some bread, grab an orange and some apple pie, and down it with some beer, and there you go!

I think I'm going to like Thanksgiving from now on.

We went to the sea turtle rescue center on the Island too. This was really amazing for me. As we were walking around, waiting for it to be feeding time, Eric was talking about how sad it was, and how disturbing it is. I mentioned that with all the reports about seafood lately - both the mercury content and, even moreso, the overfishing problem, I was having a hard time eating any fish at all lately, and didn't think I could anymore. Eric looked at me and said something about what difference does one person make, which felt really discouraging to me.

As we were listening to the presentation, the man mentioned that one of the species of sea turtles had been down to a population of about 300 on the Island, but now is up to over 9,000. The organization is almost entirely volunteer, and consists of very few people. I looked at him and said, "What was that about one person not making a difference?"

Here's our little sea turtle:

And with Jerry, a famous old sea turtle. I love the way Guthrie is looking up at him, like, "Dude, you're kind of big. Don't eat me."

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Guthrie running to the beach:

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How's this for a way to spend the fourth Thursday in November?

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And, my cute little boys, together. Guthrie grabbed Turner and said, "Take a picture!"

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Amanda. said...

Busch, mayo, and apple pie- you all are my kind of people.

Your turkey day looked fantastic. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

thordora said...


karrie said...

Looks like a great time to me!!


Judy said...

I must say that the Busch was entirely for Eric. I don't drink beer, but even if I did,it wouldn't be Busch!

Abby said...

We used to have a restaraunt here, Strothers, that had a bunch of beers on tap. The shirts they wore said, "Life is too short to drink cheap beer" on the back of them.

When I worked at Applebee's a guy came in and asked, "Do y'all have Busch (Booshch) in a can?" Too funny.

Sorry, had to comment on the Busch. I am with Judy. I DO drink beer, but NOT that.