Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good news

Eric's book was named one of the top 100 books of the year by the Kansas City Star. Not bad. Not bad company to keep either - Cormac McCarthy, Pynchon, Richard Powers. Congrats, also, to Wayne Miller, whose book of poetry was on the list, as well as the list of the top 10 books. Not bad for a first book of poetry.

The other, better news though - Eric doesn't have cancer.

What? you ask. Well, see, Eric has had a mole on his back for, well, ever. In the last week or so, he noticed it seemed to have gotten bigger. We were both freaking out - he worked for years in construction, going shirtless in sun and heat, making him a prime candidate for skin cancer.

After calling every dermatologist in the Valley, and being told repeatedly that they couldn't get anyone in until January, sometimes March, we finally found someone who, by chance, had an opening yesterday, and Eric got right in.

Fortunately, no cancer. Doctor did a thorough check of the mole, and Eric's entire upper body, and he's fine. But that was very, very scary. Strangely, while Eric was at the doctor, I dealt with my fear and nervousness by cleaning. Don't know where that came from.

And, so, when he came home, he asked if I'd like to spend Thanksgiving on the beach. That might be one of the dumber questions I've ever been asked. I'd like to spend every day on the beach, so yes, of course I'll spend Thanksgiving there. I'm getting ready to reserve us a room, for Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The funny part of that, is knowing our little Guthrie, who has been begging since we got back from Victoria to "go to 5 hotels," we have to stay in a lesser hotel (we'd thought of the Holiday Inn resort that's right on the beach), because what he wants is the continental breakfast. Yep, he wants sugary cereal and little cups of yogurt, and a full restaurant breakfast would likely disappoint him. Funny kid.


karrie said...


Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on the book. What is the title?

Amanda. said...

Happy (belated) turkey day and wow! Congrats on the book!

Hope you are all having fun :)

Judy said...

The book is called Two-Up. It's on a fairly small press, but it's very good. Of course I think so, but all the reviews it got were great. Everyone who reads it loves it, or at least lies and says they do. ;)

I swear the link to the list worked when I put it in. Maybe they changed it.

No skin cancer. If I can just get him to quit smoking and I'll know there's no other cancer, I'll be happy.

karrie said...

Found it on Amazon! I usually really enjoy anything written from a working class perspective.

I'm going to check my local bookstore this morning.

Judy said...

Doubt you'll have any look at the bookstore. It's small press, limited distribution.

You can probably get it cheap used on Amazon. I haven't checked. I could give you the "buy it new -we get royalties" pitch, but not really worth it for a buck, or whatever we'd actually get. And Eric stands firmly in the camp of "I'd rather have someone read the book, than make money off the book."

If you do read it, though, let me know what you think.