Sunday, November 05, 2006

I voted!

We found out, last Wednesday when we (Eric went with us) took the boys to Story Hour at the library, that we were indeed registered to vote. We thought we'd missed the deadline, but found out that in fact we got registered when we got our Texas driver's licenses. I thought I remembered something about getting registered, but we never got a card in the mail, so I was thoroughly confused.

And so, since we were there, at the library and community center, which was our polling place, and they were doing early voting, we went ahead and voted! Yeah!

I'm not going to tell you who I voted for, but let's just say I'm BLUE! Well, actually, I voted for quite a few Libertarians, because in several races the only options were vote for Darth's minions, or vote for Libertarians. I will admit I was hopelessly uninformed about some of the races, because I didn't think I was registered. Shame, shame, shame on Judy.

It was my first time voting on a touch screen. Yeah, um, I have tons of faith in that system. It didn't even feel like I was voting, and who knows whether or not the thing counted at all. I just feel like elections could soon be decided by hackers racing each other to beat some clock. Call me a cynic, but it just doesn't seem right.

I did my part, though. We, sadly, didn't take either of the boys in with us while we voted, as we took turns, and one of us stayed in the library with them while the other voted. Guthrie's baby book has an "I Voted" sticker from the '04 elections, but I don't think they even gave them out this time. :(

And we won't even talk about the ridiculousness of the redistricting down here, and how they worked it all out so that the districts contain enough white people to keep white people in office. Makes it feel like none of it even matters.

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