Thursday, December 14, 2006


I think I'm finally going to attempt to upgrade to Beta. I've been having problems posting comments to other people's blogs, and wonder if this is part of the reason why. And I hate being behind the curve. :P Bare with me if this get weird. Wish me luck.

And, I finaly got around to coming into this decade and setting up a Myspace profile. It's lame and I need to add more, but Eric and I were browsing MySpace last night looking for people (we found mine, but not his), and I figured I should make it easy for people to find me too. Although the ease with which you can find your old people was a little bizarre, and I must admit I'm having a bit of a strange MySpace hangover this morning, having dsicovered the pictures and profiles of various people I haven't seen or talked to in nearly a decade. I knew I would have MySpace dreams all night last night, but instead it was X-Files dreams: I was Scully. And I wasn't doing what I wanted to be with Mulder. *sigh*

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