Thursday, February 15, 2007


What did I get for Valentine's Day?

A heart-shaped tray of sushi, wine, Roquefort cheese, and an apple. (Eric gave it to me and said, "Because you're the apple of my eye." He's a writer. He could have done better than that. ;)

It was perfect. Although, honestly, not a big fan of white wine, but it did go well with the sushi.

Guthrie and I made no-bake cookies (they're all gone already), and I tried to put on something nice so I wouldn't feel like a total bum. And the kids slept well for the early part of the night so we could actually have some time together.

All in all, a great V-Day. Darn near perfect. 5 years, and life is beautiful, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Guthrie sneaking into the sushi:

I didn't know he was taking my picture.


alimum said...

I just showed Fred all your pictures. His response to the picture of you (yesterday, the one you weren't expecting) was, "look at that hair"...he also says Happy Anniversary.

I think you should stay blonde for now, but maybe consider putting in some lowlights if you are bored. You can always go red or darker if you really hate it, but it would be harder to get back to blonde (from red or dark) without doing serious damage to your hair.

karrie said...

The heart-shaped sushi was such a sweet gesture.