Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 years ago today

Ah, yes, Eric and I were legally married on Valentine's Day, 2002. 5 years ago today.

The short-but-sweet backstory? We wanted both of our girls to be in the ceremony, but couldn't make it work out to have everybody together in Missouri at the same time. So we decided to have our ceremony in Texas, but then couldn't work out the logistics of getting the marriage license, and all the other details. The solution: get legally married in Missouri, then go to Texas and we could have our ceremony however we wanted it without worrying about the legal parts. And if we were going to do it, well, why not go full cheese and do it on V-Day?

It was a Thursday morning. We both had to work. We got to the court house bright and early, with my mom as my witness and a philosophy professor and friend, Joseph Lewandwoski, as Eric's witness. Susan Steinberg, an English professor and writer, took the pictures. Afterward, we both went to work - I at the Revenue office at CMSU, and Eric to teach his classes there. My co-workers had brought in a cake and decorated my desk with hearts and cupids - it was very sweet. We both wore what we had worn on our first date. Maybe I'll have that dress on when Eric gets home from work, or would that be lame? I still love the dress.

And our "honeymoon" was a weekend in .... Omaha. Hey, what can we say, when you live in mid-Missouri, there just aren't that many places to drive for a short weekend. Omaha was nice though, and I'd like to go back.


Saying our vows

Happy Newlyweds

Outside the Johnson County Courthouse, where we got married. (Also where I got divorced, but hey, who's counting?)

On top of Old Drum, a local legend, the statue of the famous dog by the Courthouse

The rings

The kiss. This is one of my favorite pictures ever


Abby said...

Nice rock Judy! And um why is your hair that color???

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's day!

Judy said...

LOL Abby! Eric picked out the stone and I picked the setting. I thought it was white gold, but it was platinum. And we got a great deal on it, got in on west 47th (is that the right street?) in New York City. Also because of a friend, whose wife knew a clown, who was related to the jeweler ... or something like that.

My hair has been many colors. I've been blonde, mostly, but occasionally brunette and red for awhile. I've actually been thinking about going back to red. I'm sick of my hair, but don't want to cut it.

Abby said...

I see.....nice. So not only is it a rock but it is set in platinum? NICE! And please, do not mention clowns again. They scare me.

I have been all sorts of colors too. Only my hair is naturally really dark brown, almost black. So when I tried to go light, I ended up orange. My hair does well red though.

alimum said...

Happy anniversary!

I like the kiss picture best as well.

The color was a bit of a shock for me as well. I am not suggesting you can't pull off red, I am just so used to thinking of you as a blonde. And, like Abby, I have the sort of dark hair that refuses to lighten beyond a shade of copper, so I tend to look on blonde hair such as yours with envy.

Judy said...

The color doesn't look great in those pictures. Red is really hard to maintain - it fades really fast. I keep wanting to do something with it, but then I like it blonde, my husband likes it blonde. I don't know - some lowlights? Should I go closer to natural? (That scares me, because I know how gray I'm already getting - women in my family gray early) Eric tried to convince me to try really dark, almost black, but I don't know how it would look, and I don't think I'm brave enough for that!

And Abby, yes, clowns are scary!

Abby said...

I was going lighter but noticed roots much faster and it bugged me. I went a bit darker this las ttime but not nearly as dark as my natural color.

I usually do reddish in fall/winter and lighter in summer. For some reason this year I wanted lighter. Probably because I got old this year.....

Callie said...

Judy, your pictures are beautiful. I only hope I look that happy in mine when I get married (again) i didn't look that happy in the first ones. Happy Valentine's day and anniversary.
P. S. check your myspace!!!

karrie said...

The last shot is my favorite!

Happy belated anniversary!

V said...

It's not my choice, but I'd love it if you went back to red! It looked awesome on you!