Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh, the 80s

What's your score?


alimum said...

I got a 118 and a "I did scarily well"

Judy said...

I knew you'd take the test! :)

I just realized it didn't have my score. I think I got an 88-89. Something like that.

Turner was born to a playlist of 80's music, too, so I should know this stuff!

alimum said...

You know what a sucker I am for tests. The thing is, I have encountered this test before and the last time I took it, I think I got somewhere between 111-115, so I didn't really learn anything new since the last time I took the test (and this time, I didn't really check my answers, so, who knows, maybe I got stuff right this time and forgot stuff I once knew?)

Julian was born to David Sylvian's Approcahing Silence, so perhaps he is doomed to being an even snottier pseudo-intellectual poseur artist than his mom (there's a scary thought :) )