Sunday, August 13, 2006

I didn't desert this thing. Just between my mom and Samantha's visit, and Guthrie's new fascination with the computer, I just haven't had much of a chance to sit down at the computer. Well, I have, but it usually escalates into a fight between me and Guthrie:

"I want to press the moon button."

"No, Guthrie, you may not press the button."

"But I want to."

"You can't always have what you want."

"I want to."

"I know you want to. You may not. Mommy needs to finish this ..."

Moon button pressed, computer in hibernate, Mommy very frustrated. Keyboard and mouse get put away where Guthrie can't reach.

And remember how I talked about how well both boys were sleeping? Ha! You think Guthrie can sleep well, for an extended period of time? In your dreams. Okay, in my fantasies. Turner still sleeps like a dream, but Gus? Nightmare. I'm also thinking I'm ready to wean him. Yep, he's 29 months, and I think I've had enough. He only nurses at bedtime, and during the day I think I can handle that. Then bedtime rolls around and I dread it. So, we're working on giving it up. I'll keep you posted.

So the moral of the story is uninterrupted computer time has gotten hard to come by. I don't know how it's working right now, honestly.

I think of brilliant, witty things to write when I'm in the shower, or driving to the store. Then I actually get logged in to my blog, and I'm lucky if I can get to the "create new post" page before the fight begins.

We're thinking we're going to have to set the TV up after all. I'm about to lose my mind (completely) getting no time to do anything. I mean anything. 1,000 miles from family, no babysitter we trust yet, and a 2 year old who doesn't believe in sleep. The TV would at least buy me a few minutes here and there to do something with my time other than dishes and laundry. And with two adults, a 2 year old, and an infant, sometimes it feels like there's not much more to life than dishes and laundry.

We did go to the beach while my mom and Sammie were here. I wore my pretty dress we bought in Progreso. See:

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karrie said...

I've experienced those moments of writing in my head while I go about my day, only to sit down in front of my keyboard and have my mind go blank while my son unplus my power cord and the cat knocks over my iced tea.

Do you have a train set/table? That sometimes buys me a few minutes of quiet time. TV almost never works. Believe me, I try it at 5am when my son insists its time to start the day and I need coffee. He'll watch for abt 2 seconds and then loses interest.

Judy said...

No, we don't have a train table. We have a train house!!!!! I think the train issue will deserve it's own post when I get a chance. Guthrie is obsessed with trains, and he plays with them for hours every day. But the second I sit at the computer ... the battle begins. And I just need a few minutes in a day when I'm not reading a Little Golden Book or playing with trains or changing diapers or ...

We're trying to resist the TV (which will be DVD only) if we can, but we're wearing down. And we do have the entire run of the X-Files that is still in the shrinkwrap!