Thursday, June 29, 2006


I'm so unaccustomed to having a baby who will sleep on his own, or even sleep for extended periods of time, that now, while Guthrie (who now does sleep through the night, finally) and Turner are both asleep, I keep getting up every few minutes to check on them. I know Guthrie is okay, but Turner has been asleep, without needing someone next to him or holding him or some device moving him, for 1 1/2 hours. That, as any one who knows me knows, is a longer stretch than Guthrie would sleep for until he was over a year old. So, while I'm greatly enjoying it, I'm also having a hard time really relaxing.

With Guthrie, who was the most non-sleeping baby ever (Eric once kept track, and in a 4 hour stretch, Gus woke up 19 times. 19), I dreaded bedtime, and genuinely looked forward to the sun coming up. He was a joy during the day (was - still is), but a terror at night: constant nursing, constant waking, nobody but Mommy could comfort him.

Turner, on the other hand, makes me look forward to bedtime, and dread the daytime. Okay, so I'm not a vampire who really hates the sun, but he is a great sleeper (if a 5-hour stretch counts as sleeping through the night, he's basically done it since birth), but he screams during the day. It's better than it was, definitely, as at least now he smiles and laughs in between his screaming fits, but the screaming sucks. Makes me feel darn near useless as a mom, too, not being able to comfort my own little boy.

And he doesn't nurse as much as Guthrie ever did, but is growing just as well. He just latches on, gets down to business, and then pops off. No comfort nursing for this guy - it's all about the meal time. Much easier this way.

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I may actually get to know who my husband is again, too.


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