Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Behold, the power of ...

To keep up the trend set by Amanda and Alimum, as well as others, I'm sure, I'm going to honor World Breastfeeding Week with a few nursing pictures myself.

First, one of my favorite pictures, taken minutes after Guthrie's birth:

Me nursing Turner at my 10 year class reunion:

And tandem nursing both boys. Not my favorite pic, and definitely not as beautiful as one I saw on the Feeding Choices Board, but the only decent one I have.

All I have for now. And since my mom and Samantha are visiting, and I'm trying to spend as much time with them as possible, I don't have any wonderful words of wisdom for the day. Except that it still amazes me to see these little bundles and know I kept them alive for 9 months in, and then 6+ months out, by my milk alone. Pretty cool, huh? Nature is a beautiful thing.


Amanda said...

Those are just beautiful. :-)

stacia said...

yh i love the update i think the boys are gettin SOOOOOOOO big!
Love you all Stacia

alimum said...

I think the pictures are all beautiful. It cracks me up that you do something as impressive and remarkable as tandem nursing, but still tell us that it isn't your favorite picture.

karrie said...

I remember my mom tandem nursing but I'm still blown away by pictures of women doing it now.

Just stopping by to add you to my links. :)