Tuesday, August 22, 2006

4 Months!

First, I have no idea why that lost post screwed up my template. The html looks okay, to me at least. Weird. I'm curious if a new post will fix it, or if I have to wait for it to be archived.

Anyway, T-Maw (yeah, it's a stupid nickname) had his 4 month appointment today. The stats:

16 pounds, 8 ounces, 26 inches

And hours of crying after his shots.

Poor thing. Although I think the shots are really harder on Mom than on Baby, because we know what's coming.

Comparison to Guthrie at 4 months: 1 inch shorter, and exactly the same weight. Funny, since Guthrie started off over a pound heavier.

And our Ped, who Eric hasn't even met yet, went on and on about how we could start solid food anytime now. Give him some cereal, she said. When I told her we plan on waiting, she acted like I was the first person in the world who'd ever done so. I think I probably am a rarity down here, all around. But she kept going on. "How long do you plan on waiting?" "Why wait?"

Okay, you're the Ped. Doesn't the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, then gradual intro of solids. So what's the big deal? Aargh!

I don't think she likes me.

And we've decided to really, truly, officially wean Guthrie. Eric has started putting him to bed at night. Last night it was 10:00 before he passed out. It's currently 9:30, and he's not asleep yet. But he's not screaming, which is what he was doing when I was trying to put him to bed. Screaming, and banging his head on the door trying to get out.

We also broke down and bought one of those portable DVD players with the little 7-inch screen. Yes, I know it seems like a complete and total waste of money when we already had a perfectly good TV and DVD player, and when both of our computers will play DVDs. But sometimes I need Guthrie to chill for a bit so that I can feel like a normal human being, or I need to have the "No Nap Today - OR EVER" child occupied so that the smaller infant, who DOES nap and needs more than, say, 17 minutes of sleep a day, can actually get some rest without Guthrie coming over and proudly waking him up.

And the portable player seemed like a good idea because a) it's portable, and can be put away, and so none of us will be tempted to turn it on in the middle of the day and just be veggies all day; b) it only plays DVDs, so we can't get sucked into soap operas or the news; c) it could be taken with us on long drives, like back to Missouri, so that there's something to keep the non-sleeping child occupied while we drive for what feels like weeks at a time; and d) it can be watched anywhere, any room of the house, or wherever we want to take it.

So he gets one movie a day. (Usually) That's not so bad.

Eric and I have also started watching the X-Files DVDs we bought. So. Much. Fun. I'd forgotten how much I loved the X-Files. And not just because David Duchovny's hot (he is). Just about bit Eric's head off when he suggested we skip forward and watch specific episodes - uh, no. We're watching in order. I still don't know how it ended, and won't until we get through 9 seasons.

Any predictions for how long it will take us? We've finished 3 episodes so far.

Yeah, I'm in total stream-of-consciousness mode. I have no idea what I've said. Must. Get. Sleep.

I'm debating whether I want to take classes in the spring. I don't know if I'll be ready to leave both kids with Eric for long stretches of time like that. And I freakin' hate pumping, and don't want to have to pump milk for Turner. I may wait until next fall. I just want to get my degree before one of my kids does.


karrie said...

Can you take a few classes online? I do a mix of online and on campus and it works really well.

Judy said...

That's what I'm thinking of doing. I've never done it before, though. Is it easier, harder?

And I can't leave comments on your blog with your new format. Is there a trick? Am I doing something wrong? The comments won't open!

karrie said...

Its different. lol

Academically I find online courses a little more demanding then traditional classes. For one,you cannot just show up and bs your way through the way you often can during a regular lecture. The writing requirements tend to be more intense than a standard classroom. Instad of a term paper, its not unusual to have 5 or 6 bulliten board questions that you have to answer and respond to, a weekly shot essay, weekly quizzes and a major paper. But the exams are open book, and its convenient from a childcare perspective.