Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where Have I Been?

To answer the question -

Missouri. (aka Misery)

Things were too crazy, and the dates were still not set in stone, so I never got a chance to blog about it before we left. And now that I'm here, my mom's computer is very, um, cranky, and can be very slow, or just freeze up in the middle of something, so I hadn't really attempted to blog about being here. Well, that, and I've been running all over west-central Missouri visiting people, eating junk food, and amusing my small children and mother.

Here I am, though, sitting in 50 degree weather rather than the beautiful 80 degrees back in Texas. *sigh*

We are having a good time, in spite of the lack of fruit and veggies, overconsumption of high fructose corn syrup, and whatever illness Guthrie was struck with yesterday. (We decided to go to Ryan's, a nice "homestyle" buffet, where he might actually eat some fruit and veggies. We got up to the counter to order our drinks when his breakfast and previous night's dinner decided to emerge from his stomach. GROSS! And then, after his nap, whatever else might have been contained inside his tiny body exploded from the other end, overflowing his diaper and going up the front of his onesies - he was lying on his stomach - and all the way up to his chest. GROSSER!!)

Eric has/had business trips - Atlanta Wednesday-Saturday of last week, NYC Thursday to Saturday morning this week - and then his school's spring break, so I figured it would be a good chance to visit my family. It was perfect timing - Samantha's singing group had a performance this morning I got to see, tomorrow is the gifted program open house, and this weekend is her math contest, where I'll be able to attend the awards ceremony. Then Sunday we'll do cake and ice cream for Guthrie's birthday, and if all goes right, we're going to try on Monday to take him for a train ride to and from Kansas City as his birthday present (the kid is obsessed with trains) and to Fritz's train restaurant in Crown Center.

It is hard being away from home for this long, and I miss my husband - this is the longest we've been apart. I could cause a scandal by mentioning that I'm going out to dinner with a single man tonight, but Eric not only knows about it, I think he asked our friend if he'd do it.

Nothing terribly interesting to report just yet. Turner is on the verge of walking, bbut we're hoping he waits until Daddy gets back. Guthrie is getting used to the idea of turning 3 in a few days, and he's having a blast with his sister and his cousins and grandma. We're all getting enough TV and restaurant food to last us the rest of the year, and Guthrie has learned the words to the "Wonder Pets" theme song, while I keep catching myself singing the theme to the Backyardigans.

And tonight I'm eating kimchi. Yum!

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thordora said...

UGH. Buttsplosions.

I don't know how you do Texas heat. The one time I was there in April was MORE than enough.