Friday, March 30, 2007

Day One

We bought a swing set for the boys on Wednesday. We knew it was not going to be easy putting it together, but let's not talk about the time it's actually going to take.

The first step - sorting all the parts and pieces - took an hour or so on its own. We also discovered we had the wrong instructions, and had to e-mail the company to get a .pdf of the correct instructions. And then we got started. And only had one major screw-up (two different pieces looked very similar, had almost the same measurements, and we used the wrong ones, and had to redo).

Then of course we had the minor injury - one of the sides had been put together, leaning against our fence, waiting for Eric to get the tool he needed to put the two sides together, and I was holding the other side up, when the side against the fence was blown over by the wind - right onto my head. OUCH! I'm okay, though, I think. Hopefully any brain cells permanently damaged were unnecessary and not doing anything important anyway. But that might explain my headache for the day.

3 hours into the project, and this is what we have so far:

Anyone want to come to south Texas to help put this thing together? No?

Guthrie doesn't quite understand why it's not all done, and why we can't work on it, RIGHT NOW! This pesky little thing called Eric's job is all. Jobs - what a bother.

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