Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We're, uh, home

yeah, so we got home late Thursday night. It's just taking me for-freakin'-ever to get caught back up and settled into being home again. How is it taking so long to recover from being gone? Laundry alone is a task I haven't gotten finished - I keep getting it all washed, but no chance to put it away, and by then there's more dirty! Aargh!!!

We had a good visit, overall. But we are of course glad to be home. Guthrie keeps saying we must go back to Missouri, so grandma won't be lonely, and I'm telling him that we will in a few months.

We've bought and had installed a new dishwasher. We also got and planted more trees - a peach, a plum, a magnolia and two oaks. And after I casually mentioned that I was thinking of starting a garden, or at least getting some hanging strawberry plants, Eric bought me a bunch of strawberry plants and committed me to the idea of having a garden. Our yard is slowly but surely turning into a food source.

The weather is beautiful - low 80s since we've been back - and as soon as we think it's relatively safe and free of spring-breakers, we're going out to the Island.

Guthrie had a great birthday - the celebration stretched out over 3 days. He loved his train ride to and from Kansas City, and I think he fell in love with the conductor. I'll try to post some pics later.

Samantha did very well at her math contest - 9th place in both of the tests. Her best friend got first place in one event, and qualified for state!!!

Guthrie woke up at about 5 this morning, and saw that he was all alone on the futon. He crawled over onto the other futon, where Eric, Turner and I were all asleep, and snuggled up to me saying, "I want to be with my family." How do you say no to that?

And for now, a picture we just got developed. I think it's from Thanksgiving, but I just love love love it.


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That is a great photo! :)

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