Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our lazy Sunday afternoon

We walked out this afternoon and looked at the outside of the bedroom window to see this:

As I have two young sons, they were of course fascinated by the lizard on the window. Which proceeded to be terribly frightened by the two tow-headed two-legged creatures which so desperately wanted to touch it that it jumped right onto Guthrie's head and now his back, only to hide under a table, where it was much easier to get to.

We spent the next 45 minutes or so watching it,

squealing with joy at it,

curious as to what exactly it was

whether it was going to get us,

and why it didn't understand our repeated explanations that we were, in fact, people, and not a predator going to get it, and why wouldn't it just let us give it a kiss or hold it for a minute,

before it finally got away.

And such is life with Guthrie, Turner, and our various and sundry lizards and other wildlife here in the Rio Grande Valley.


thordora said...

ew. Lizards. Ick. Vivian would LOVE IT.

alimum said...


luckily, Julian is not internet savvy and can't yet read, else he would be demanding of me why we do not live in an area where lizards are hanging out on our windows.