Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How does my garden grow

So the totally insane and brilliant idea I had to try to grow a garden might be going much better if Turner was not frightened to death of the shovel. Yes, the shovel. What was I doing with it? Trying to dig a hole to plant some tomatoes. Pretty scary stuff.

Yes, the kid has some weird fears. At Wal-Mart (don't ask - we try to avoid it, but sometimes we just have to - plus it's the only place we've found that carries the kind of cheese we eat) in the Garden section they have these enormous fans on the ceiling. Those are so scary he had to cling to me - while still sitting in the cart - whenever they were in view. The vacuum he thinks might eat him. Same with the leafblower that was being used at the park. The street cleaner? Might as well be a monster from Mars. Lizards are not at all scary, but flies cause screaming hysterics. The mop - the MOP - at the restaurant last week had him jumping out of his seat.

Otherwise, Guthrie and I planted some flowers while Turner took his nap. Eric dug up the nasty rose bush (that didn't bloom, and housed an enormous black bumble bee) and the tiny oleander in the front yard. I planted two cherry tomato plants in barrels, and as soon as Eric can dig the hole (because I'm not going to try again) I'll put the other tomatoes in the ground.

We have a TON of seed packets, because the boys (and I) went a little nuts at the store, buying everything that seemed interesting. I have to figure out how much space I'm actually going to have and prioritize what I want to try. I've always had black thumbs, but I figure it's worth a shot. Wish me luck. And hope Turner gets over his irrational fears.


Mary Beth said...

I must say I had to chuckle when you said that Turner is afraid of the shovel (aka a dirt "turner"). Good luck in your gardening endeavors! You mentioned that you bought lots of seeds. I'd advise you to check their planting dates on the back. It is too hot here to grow certain crops in the spring and fall - we're a bit backwards and grow, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces, etc in the fall and winter. Tomatoes, peppers and okra are great in our heat. If you see the book, Successful Gardening in the Magic Rio Grande Valley, you may want to invest in a copy. It's old, doesn't have any pictures (just a few sketches), but it has a great calendar that will tell you when to do what here in the Valley.
Good Luck!

Judy said...

Well Turner is from my maiden name, and I was always called Pancake Turner (um, because I loved pancakes) so I'm surprised I hadn't thought of that one.

Going to look for a copy of that book. I did check dates on my seeds, and I've gotten some other books for myself and from the library. I think I'll have to mostly learn as I go, but the lessons will be good for my boys.