Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

Guthrie's birthday was yesterday. He is now 4. I've been trying to post pics and stuff, but our internet has been slow. I'll try again later.

In other news ...

Eric was in New York last week, from Wednesday through Saturday. Friday I thought I had allergies, but it turned into a cold, and I've been feeling generally icky. I was looking forward to Eric getting home (he was in Savannah the previous weekend) so I could maybe get a nap, a long shower, start to feel better. Except his flight was late (just a little) and when he got home he was complaining of aches and pains.

Sunday morning: 102F fever. By yesterday it was 103. I think he officially has "the flu." He's sicker than I've ever seen him. He couldn't even eat birthday cake with us.

Daylight Savings Time is a PITA. How do you get toddlers and preschoolers to transition without having screaming tantrums at weird hours of the day?

For his birthday, we got Guthrie the Thomas the Tank Engine movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Guthrie loves it, of course, although Diesel 10 is scary. But the movie? It's awful. Get it for your sons if they love Thomas, but try not to subject yourself to watching it if you can get away with it. It's just dreadful.

Cheesecake Brownies (I got the recipe here) are HEAVENLY and definitely worth making.

And without trying, Eric figured out how to save us money. See, we were going to spend a night (or two) of spring break in Corpus Christi or Austin. But now that he has the flu, and has only emerged from the spare bed a few times in the last few days, we're not going anywhere. So that's a few hundred more dollars in our pockets, right?

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