Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things that would have once looked weird to me

no longer do.

The fact that there is a roasting pan sitting empty in the hallway.

The instructions to a "Dora the Explorer" computer game in the refrigerator.

All the kitchen towels in Eric's office, on the floor.

The chairs to the kitchen table in the living room.

And not a single room in the house (bathrooms and closets included) that does not have at least one train.

Really, I don't even bother to pick the things up most of the time anymore. If I do, Guthrie will just come wondering where the roasting pan is, and why I took his (boat, garage, shed, tent) away.


alimum said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

DuckeeDiva said...

The Dora instructions in the fridge TOTALLY cracked me up.... That was my chuckle for the day! ;)