Saturday, November 03, 2007


Turner only calls for me when he is crying. I've been somewhat concerned over his lack of speech (although the ped told me not to worry, as has everyone else), and disappointed at not hearing him call for me, ever.

A few weeks ago when I came home from working out, Eric told me the whole time I was gone Turner screamed and cried, and he beat on the bathroom door (assuming I was in there) calling "Mama!" over and over again. He stopped (calling, not crying) before I got home.

I've now heard him too. Just a few minutes ago, when he woke up, he came running out of the bedroom, face wrinkled in a cry, calling "MaaaMaa Mamamamama MaaaaaaaaaMa."

I do feel better knowing he can talk, when he needs to. But it sure would be nice to hear him call me when he's happy and just wants to play.


thordora said...

It will come. I worried SOOO much about Ros, but sitting there yesterday hearing "Momma, this apple is delicious" makes me realize I was worried for no good reason.

Plus, once they start talking, they never stop!

Granny said...

I did the post a day last year and survived it somehow.

Not this year though.

Thanks for your good wishes.

He'll talk when he has something important to say.

It's so funny. We're in a hurry to have them walk and talk just so we can say "sit down and be quiet".

Granny said...

P. S.

Metric conversion. Many of my online friends are from Canada, Australia, England, etc.

I do it with temperatures too since we're probably the only country who hasn't switched over.