Saturday, June 28, 2008

Name That Melon!

Our game show for today is Name That Melon!

What I thought I had planted in the spot where this grew was cantaloupes. We do have cantaloupes growing - ate 2 of them yesterday, as a matter of fact, and you can see one in the picture behind this melon. This, however, does NOT seem to be a cantaloupe. It was dark green until a couple days ago, then turned yellow. It smells kind of like a cantaloupe, and we're going to cut it (and another one just like it) open later. It's about 4-5 pounds, 20 inches around. Anyone? Any clue? I'm calling it the mystery melon.

(Birthday pictures later.)


Charlotte said...

Oooh! Your garden sounds like so much fun! I love mystery produce. That said, I have no idea what your melon is. Be sure to post the insides though and if it tastes good!

Anonymous said...

I think the melon you have raised is called a muskmelon. I recall eating them when I was a child, and do not seem to find them very often these days. Google muskmelon and see if this is it.