Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just possibly, the most ridiculous baby gadget ever

I saw this over at Hathor the Cow Goddess, and you know, it's so bad, it almost seems like it's parody. Really, this thing is just stupid. And the pictures? Dreadful. I feel bad - almost - for the model.

It won't let me copy a picture, so go look.

Sadly, though, there are people out there breaking their back and thinking this is the most brilliant idea ever.


alimum said...

well, this is a highly convenient item for the woman who wants to be able to have her hands free but views baby wearing as too crunchy. Back pain be damned, at least no one will think she's some AP, breastfeeding hippie!

Granny said...

Judy, hi.

Thank you for your kind words today.

While we still wait, it's comforting to feel the support of my internet friends.