Thursday, July 20, 2006

I think I got my template things figured out, for now. It's still too boring. Will work on it later.

This morning I asked Guthrie what he thought of his brother. My little 2 1/2 year old sweetie said, "He's wonderful." How sweet is that? I think we must be doing something right.

Then, later, I asked if it would be fun when Turner is old enough to play with him, and if they would both play trains. Guthrie said, "No, Turner's not big. He's little. He eats boobies." !!!

I've decided I'm entirely too boring when, after both kids are miraculously asleep at 5:30 at night, my big excitement is reading other people's blogs. And debating on
Feeding Choices. And reading. And loading pictures onto Shutterfly.

Yeah, I need a life.

And how about some reasons you know you're a mom.

1. You open the refrigerator and find a matchbox car, a tealight candle, and a crayon.
2. You ask your husband to hold the baby so you can "go use my diaper." I meant the bathroom. Hopefully.
3. The last 4 books you read were written by Sears, Pantley, Sears, and your husband. That's all you can remember. In the last 3 years.
4. You have puke, poop, and pee on your shirt and pants and just don't even bother changing.
5. You look forward to bathroom breaks. You lock the door.
6. There is at least one toy car in every room of the house.
7. You have taken over 300 digital pictures. In the month of July. And there are two weeks left.

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alimum said...

I have one:

You find yourself saying stuff which would be considered surreal and/or zen like if only it was in a different context, stuff like "the dishwasher is not a horse".