Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A few dozen reasons I still have 14 pounds to lose:

Oh, yes, Eric made his cookies. His special cookies. His special, secret-recipe, this-time-customized-just-for-Judy cookies. Whole wheat flour. Oats. Maple syrup. Almond butter. Almond extract. Almonds. (seeing a pattern here - Judy loves almonds) Walnuts. Dark chocolate chips. It's like heaven in your hand (and your mouth, and then your thighs).

These were, undoubtedly, part of the reason I gained 55 pounds with Turner. The ice cream didn't help. But now, I've lost 36 pounds, and I'd like to lose the rest. These cookies are not helping.

(Yes, I know 36 pounds lost and 14 to lose doesn't equal 55 - I don't think I need to lose those last five, and don't know how I got down where I was before making Turner. I just want to get back in my favorite capris.)

I've gone back to being mostly vegetarian, and am aiming for mostly vegan. The ease of access to very cheap, yummy, pre-made tacos at every grocery store and gas station in the area does not help. So, I'm making beans. Lots of beans. Full of good stuff, fat free, cheap. I'll be a bean queen soon.

Guthrie took this picture, his second time using a camera:

He took this one his first time. Just like his dad. ;)

"Look, I was here first. Just do what I say and it'll all work out."


Callie said...

Judy, They are so cute. you have great babymaking skills (with the right assistance).

Anonymous said...
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