Monday, March 02, 2009

A boy and his dog

We rescued 2 dogs last week. They, and their mother, had been dumped at a park. The mother, sadly, had to go to the pound - we could not take all 3. We were going to keep both puppies, but were advised it's not wise to raise dogs from the same litter together. And, over the few days we had them both, we watched them already struggling for dominance and having little dog fights, which only would have gotten worse as they got bigger.

And so we found a home for one, and have kept one. Guthrie named him Edward, after one of our favorite trains from Thomas and Friends. Since the girls of the family all seem to love Twilight (myself included), it works that way too, although the dog does not sparkle in the daylight.

It wasn't deliberate, but we have black pets. Ursula, the black stray we started taking care of last fall, is not sure what to think of the dog, especially since he stole her bed. She is trying to let him know who is boss, and Edward is learning to be careful around the cat. So far, this is her preferred position to keep an eye on things.


thordora said...

CUTENESS!!! Go for you guys! I love rescue pets.

Anonymous said...

OMFG!! That puppy is adorable. Be careful for the chewing... my puggle chewed on my glasses, hubby's cell phone, and my vaccum cleaner cord. Those are just the expensive things. I should put a picture up somewhere that you could look at. Both of our dogs are black too.
By the way... about time for the update.

Stacia said...

OMG the puppy is SOOO cute an Gus is gettin so big! Can't wait to see you all soon I hope!! Love Always, BooBoo! :)

Julie said...

I LOVE the cat on the roof picture! So a cat thing. The puppy is cute too. :) We are currently trying to get our dog use to the cats, she wants to herd them, and they don't really like being herded!

Paul loves the dog too, he likes to 'ride' her, and she actually lets him!

Anonymous said...

Ursula will have to do what our cat did: assert dominance over the dog.