Sunday, October 12, 2008

If Sarah Palin was my mother ...

I would be doomed. Okay, actually, since I was pregnant at the same age as her daughter, maybe things wouldn't be that different. (Joking Mom!)

But, my name would be ...

Hose Hotrod Palin!

And how do I know this? Because someone set up the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator so we could all find out.

And I am married to Sack Panther.

Our children (in order from oldest to youngest) are:

Axe Diesel (Samantha, I think, is happy with her name right now)
Clip Dragon (Oooh, Rosalind, Dragon is kind of cool)
Crop Schooner (sorry Guthrie)
Staff Wrench (yep, Turner is a better name)

Go ahead, click on over and have a laugh. But I must admit, I think Piper is a pretty cool name. Oh, yeah, and I've eaten both Moose and Elk, and they are yummy. But Sarah Palin still scares me.


Rosalind said...

Dragon is okay, but I have to say I'm not fond of Clip.

MizFit said...

oh sarah you make me sigh
roll my eyes. wanna cry.

I dont get you. never will.
of this prez. race IVE HAD MY FILL.



Anonymous said...

Dude... my name is Buster Taint Palin and I am married to Stick Freedom Palin.

Seriously, I have Taint in my name.
Oh yeah, saw Barack Obama himself at the Liberty Memorial today. I have to say that I was pretty frakkin excited.


Meaghan said...

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J.D. Smith said...

My wife Paula would be Cuppa Invader Palin, and I would be Rope Hoover Palin.

I think I'll work with what the parents gave me.