Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Hudson Hornet's Engine couldn't last forever

If you haven't already heard, Paul Newman passed away yesterday at the age of 83.

He certainly left his mark on the world, with his great movie roles, his charitable work, his amazingly long Hollywood marriage, and of course his yummy Newman's Own.

Around here, as in many homes with kids, he holds a special place in our hearts as Doc Hudson, the Hudson Hornet. Radiator Springs just won't be the same without him.


MizFit said...

He went to school where I did (uh, a few years earlier :)) but he came back often and was always SO GRACIOUS when people (ok we. I. ) swarmed him on campus.


WeightingGame said...

now that he's passes, I've been reading all about him...I never realized how few of his movies I saw. Never saw Cool hand Luke...or The Color of Money...or anything. Kind of pathetic on my part, huh?