Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is this what aging is like?

I turned 30 about 2 months ago. Yes, 30, and yes, it is painful to type that. I was a little, um, terrified of that number, but it's come, it's gone, and there's no stopping it now. And I figured, really, I was in some of the best shape of my life, healthy, fit, happy, strong, great family, stable. So, what's 30, really?

But I turned 30 while we were having visits from our daughters (who each live with the other parent) and Eric's niece. We baked more than usual. We ate out more than usual. We took some shortish and weekend road trips, and drank sodas and ate Sun Chips and cheese dips and hotel breakfasts. Did I mention we baked a lot?

And the net result of that was about 7 pounds extra (7 pounds in 6 weeks) of which 4-5 are stubborn and trying to become permanent. No big deal, I just need to get back on the elliptical/bike/step machine/walks with the family.

Last week, I'm not sure how (but I know it wasn't interesting or exciting), but I hurt my neck and shoulder. The pain comes in waves, but for about a week now, the left side of my neck has been really sore. It might have been from moving up the next size in weights too soon. Or laying in a weird position in bed to write in my journal. No matter how I got it, it HURTS, and I've been relatively inactive - no weights for right now - to try to help it heal. I'd visit a doctor, but I'm not sure there's much they could do.

Motrin helps some. Icy Hot does too, but then I smell like an old person. The perfume I put on to cover it made me smell like an old person wearing Peony perfume.

Tonight, my dear husband suggested out of nowhere - and my husband never suggests this out of nowhere - that we go out for some dinner. Guthrie's been wanting IHOP, so okay, we went to IHOP. I had the Chicken Florentine Crepe, which was YUM (but I'm sure had 6,000 calories), and a couple bites of Guthrie's pancake. Thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, then stopped by a pet store, where both boys fell in love with a Pomeranian puppy, which we cannot get because I'm allergic.

And then the dinner confirmed a suspicion I've had for some time: I'm apparently allergic (or intolerant, whatever difference it makes) to mushrooms. I used to HATE mushrooms - just looking at them made me gag - but now I really, really enjoy them. The last few times I ate them, I had stomach pain. Tonight, I figured I'd try the food to see how it was, but also do a little test to check on the mushrooms. Sure enough, it's all I can do not to curl up in the fetal position clutching my belly. I'm making an appointment for allergy testing tomorrow.

So, I turn 30, gain 5 pounds, injure my neck, smell like an old lady, and end up doubled over in agony from mushrooms.

I think 30 sucks!


MizFit said...

this made me laugh in that it's me but with 40.

I announced to my husband last night I FEEL OLD. IM OFFICIALLY OLD!!!

when he asked why I informed him one of my toes hurt.

he informed me that's not old---just weird.

it's old.

I know it.


WeightingGame said...

uch, I totally sympathize - I hurt my neck recently and it's made me feel SO OLD. And I'm 2 years older than you...so that should make you feel young. At the risk of sounding condescending, don;t get caught up in the number - it means nothing. My granpda is 84 but has the heart and mind of a 25-year-old. PS I can't tell if it's a language thing but when you say "we got baked," do you mean sunbathing or something else?? ;-)

Judy said...

Oh, I know 30 isn't really old. Women in my family just tend not to age well, so 30 was scary. I've had gray hair for several years already.

And by baked, I meant baked food. Maybe I should clarify. I was meaning we made a lot of cookies, brownies, cakes, breads and stuff. Baked. In the oven.

I haven't gotten baked in many years. But you know, it might make me care less about my age. LOL!

alimum said...

You'll lose those five pounds...though now that you mention it, I gained 5 pounds the year I turned 30 and didn't lose it (and all this time, I have been blaming pregnancy)

My audition was really disappointing. I feel quite foolish right now for getting so excited about it and putting so much work into it. It just never seems to get easier.

But for all of that (disappointing auditions, extra weight that I still refuse to accept belongs to me) I look fabulous. So much better than I looked at 16, and at least as good as I looked at 26. I have had gray hair since I was 17--that's why hair dye was invented. And I have discovered the various anti-aging creams at Target (Someone even complimented me on my gorgeous skin just the other day.)

karrie said...

Did the mushrooms help you drop the 5 pounds?

Happy very belated birthday!