Monday, January 14, 2008

Who says I can't cook?

My men - all 3 of them - disagree.

I had a loaf of bread, fresh out of the machine (okay, it's made with a machine, but it's not from a mix, so does that count as homemade?), and we were tearing off pieces to eat. Until Turner realized it's easier to just pick up the whole loaf. And as someone who has a complex about her cooking abilities (or lack thereof), it made me feel like a MOM to have my boys running around loving something I had cooked. Just warmed my heart, and then my belly. Because there is nothing in the world like freshly baked bread.


alimum said...

yes it counts as homemade if you made it from scratch (I mean, all those cooks on the food network use stand mixers and ovens and a bread machine is just a mixer and oven in one).

roz said...

hi gess hoo roz