Friday, December 07, 2007

Whether the weather be cold

I clicked over to the Weather Channel's website to view our local current weather. Right now, at almost 10 p.m., it's 75F, and the high tomorrow will be low 90s. The headline at the top of the page was "Storm Watch: Ice Storm Coming." And I couldn't help but chuckle.

(I'm actually ready for a little cooler weather, and was excited when the forecast was showing a couple days next week with highs only in the 60s. But it looks like they've changed that now. Hard to get too Christmas-y at 90 degrees.)


alimum said...

are you trying to torture me?

by the time christmas rolls around, I will be so over the snow

Anonymous said...

You're so frakkin lucky. Right now, I am stuck in the knob because it's not safe for me to drive home. And I LOVE the snow, just not all the crap that we're getting right now. But at least I'm stuck at my Aunt Jodie and Uncle Bud's house. She made me some chocolate chip cookies that totally wreaked my diet!!!!

Abby said...

Bite me. LOL.

Freezing here. AS in freezing rain as well. Nice ice storm ealier this week. Snow coming this weekend.

How I love Misery.........