Friday, August 24, 2007


Do all kids go through a shoe stage? I don't remember this with Samantha. Both of my boys, though, have gone through a stage - at about the same age (Turner is in it now) where they became obsessed with shoes. Have to wear them, even at home, doing nothing. Must try on any shoes they see on the floor. Love nothing more than to stand in Daddy's cowboy boots.

Turner is currently walking around with one shoe on. He brought it to me, and I put it on him, and he seems to think it's the greatest thing ever. Don't know where his other shoe is, but he seems to be having fun this way.

The shoes, btw, are red Crocs knock-offs. Guthrie thought Turner needed pink ones, but I talked him into getting red ones so that they both matched.

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alimum said...

Julian loves clomping around the house in my shoes. Preferably heels, but sometimes, he is satisfied with my flip flops. Unfortunately, he is not so fond of his own shoes.

Of course, a child of mine, of course he is going to love shoes, preferably heels.