Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Made it!

Arrived safely in Missouri this afternoon, after completely uneventful traveling. The flights went fine, although the second leg was delayed and arrived about 15 minutes late. The boys were both great on the airplanes, and I managed to keep my fear in check. Even managed to catch the last, oh, two questions of the Cormac McCarthy interview on Oprah. (Apparently it airs again later so I should be able to see the rest tonight)

Getting settled in to my mom's house for our stay, so glad to see Samantha, and Guthrie was obviously thrilled to see Stacia, as he practically attacked her on getting off the airplane.


alimum said...


Abby said...

Back in Misery....I am sorry. (;

Glad the flights were good and y'all made it safe and sound.

thordora said...

I'm so glad the flights went well! I'm so terrified of flying with my kids, or at least the 2 year old.

karrie said...

Glad you arrived safe. Hope you're having fun! :)