Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lucy in the Sky

I'm ticked.

Eric's old e-mail address is still valid, and he got a message earlier that made me very mad. My favorite former professor, John Sheets, was announcing a guest speaker on campus. Who, you might ask?

Oh, just Donald Johanson!!!

I leave Warrensburg, and one of the very few people who I'm totally fascinated by comes to speak. Life=not fair.

Instead of listening to him speak, and getting him to sign his new book (which we've already gotten a copy of, although I've not had a chance to look at it), I'll just listen to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and think of what I'm missing.

Sad. So sad.

We also found out CMSU is not CMSU anymore. Nope, now instead of Central Missouri State University it is the University of Central Missouri. The only apparent advantage I can see to this is it lost its unfortunate initials, and we'll have to be given a new nickname, instead of Call Me Stupid University .

(And, although I haven't moved to Beta yet, I'm having trouble leaving posts on some people's {Karrie's and Jill's} blogs. Could be on my end though)


Abby said...

Well there you go. But no matter what they change the name too, It will always be Call Me Stupid University. Old habits die hard and it has been that way forever....LOL! Although putting University first does make it sound better.

Judy said...

Yeah, I'll never get used to calling it anything else.